Mozart Clarinet Quintet with Colin Lawson, basset clarinet

Haydn Quartet Op.50/1, Mozart's 'Dissonance' Quartet or Weber Clarinet Quintet, Mozart Clarinet Quintet 
to celebrate the anniversary of the death of Mozart's clarinettist, Anton Stadler, in 2012

The fugal connection
Haydn Op.20/5, Mozart K.387, Beethoven Op.59/3

Schubert String Quintet
Boccherini Op.33, Beethoven Op.95, Schubert String Quintet in C major

The Viennese Drawing Room
Works by Haydn, Mozart, Dittersdorf and Vanhal who played string quartets together

Dedicated to Haydn
Haydn Op.33/3, Gyrowetz Op.2 (2013 anniversary), Mozart K.421

The Quartet in England
Haydn, Marsh, Pleyel, Pieltain, Vachon and Giardini

Tribute to Haydn
Beethoven Op.95, Haydn Op.20/1, Beethoven Op.74

Dedicated to Prince Lobkovitz
Haydn Op.77/1, Op.77/2, Beethoven Op.18/3

Schubert 'Trout' with Geoffrey Govier, fortepiano
Beethoven 'Ghost' Trio, Mendelssohn Piano Quartet, Schubert 'Trout' Quintet

Mendelssohn Octet
Haydn Quartet Op.42, Spohr Double Quartet No.1, Mendelssohn Octet

Brahms and Tchaikovsky Sextets
Brahms Sextet No.1 and Tchaikovsky Souvenir de Florence

Strings and Wind
Beethoven Septet, Schubert Octet