Music and Beyond: Musique et Autres Mondes, Ottawa

  • Church of St. Barnabas, Apostle and Martyr Southminster United Church National Gallery of Canada

The Revolutionary Drawing Room travels to Ottawa to give three concerts featuring Beethoven's six quartets Op. 18, also playing in a delightful Soirée at the National Gallery of Canada in which we explore and celebrate links between music and visual art.

11th July

1200: Op 18 no 3 in D major/Op 18 no 1 in F major

1900: National Gallery Soirée

12th July

1000: Op 18 no 2 in G major/Op 18 no 5 in A major

1700: Op 18 no 4 in C minor/Op 18 no 6 in Bb major

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